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ა(ა)იპ ეროვნული სკრინინგ ცენტრი დაფუძნებულია თბილისის მერიის მიერ 2008 წელს. ცენტრის მიზანია სხვადასხვა ლოკალიზაციის კიბოს პრევენცია, ადრეული დიაგნოსტიკის გზით.  დაფუძნებიდან მცირე ხანში, ეროვნული... ვრცლად
ჩვენთვის ქველმოქმედება გადარჩენილ სიცოხლეს მიშნავს, თქვენთვის კი მადლიერების ასეთ სიტყვებს: "თქვენ მე სიცოცხლე მაჩუქეთ" – ეს ჩანაწერი სკრინინგის პროგრამაში მონაწილე ერთ-ერთმა ქალბატონმა თქვენ, ქველმოქმედებს... ვრცლად

National Screening Program

The National Screening Program was initiated by the Georgian National Council of the Reproductive Health, which brings together the representatives of the Ministry of Heath, Health Committee of the Georgian Parliament, major health institutions of the country and international Donor Organizations, among them the UN Population Fund (UNFPA ) plays the most important role.

UNFPA Georgia office with the co-funding from the Municipality of Tbilisi has been implementing the Reproductive Tract Cancers Prevention and Early Detection Project since 2006. Based on the analyses of the data and accumulated experience, at the beginning of 2008, the project has been redesigned to focus on breast and cervical cancers screening for the targeted population of Tbilisi.

The remarkable achievements of the project, contributing to the reduction of morbidity and mortality, made the federal government decide to replicate the project at the national level - cancer screening programme has been launched in all regions of Georgia and the National Screening Centre (NSC) has been selected to implement this project.

Since 2011 National Screening Programe includes Breast Cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening, Bowel Cancer Screening, Prostate Cancer Risk managment services.

This innovative projects is one of the first of its kind among the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia that aims to increase the detection of cancers at early stages, in order to reduce the early mortality of women and men caused by these diseases.

Cases of the 3rd and 4th stages of cancer have decreesed from 56% to 18% as a result of program. This is a result of the early diagnosis which allows for early detection of pre-cancer diseases and prevents further implications of the disease.

The National Cancer Screening Programme is implemented by the National Screening Center, with the co-funding from Tbilisi Municipality, UN Population Fund and the Ministry of Healh.